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Scion Conjurer’s Pattens

Accessory: Scion Conjurer’s Pattens

FFBE: Scion Conjurer’s Pattens

A pair of magical footwear worn by the conjurers of the distant world of Eorzea. A particular Miqo’te conjurer belonging to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn is known for wearing these shoes. This rare item reflects how serious she is about her passion for collecting boots.


  • Type: Accessories
  • Stats: DEF +5 | SPR +10
  • Elemental Damage: N/A
  • Elemental Resistence: N/A
  • Added Skill/Trait: HP +5% | MP +5%


Recipe Acquisition: This is received as an Individual Ranking Reward from the March of Ifrit
and the March of Titan events.

Acquired From

  • Crafting

Note: This item can only be equipped by Y’shtola.

Last Updated: 6/3/2017

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