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Event: The Crystal Tower – Final Fantasy III

Event: The Crystal Tower (Final Fantasy III)

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Event The Crystal Tower Banner
Under the control of an evil wizard, this is where the World of Darkness comes to an end.

Rain and the gang are following in the tracks of the Warriors of Light in seeking to understand to crystals.

Though their worlds might be different, as chosen ones of the crystals, set apart by their unique powers, Rain and his friends resonate with these warriors.

As they are introduced to the crystals of another world, the mystery of those in their own world only deepens.

In the deepest reaches, Rain and the gang find themselves caught in the same trap as the warriors who came before them.

Like those warriors, are they capable of drawing hope from the light of the crystal? The secret to which is soon to unfold.

The Crystal Tower is comprised of a series of exploration maps. Clear those exploration maps to get event related rewards including…

Note: Should you encounter a Great Beast… Beware of its violent counters to each and every move you make. If you are unsure of yourself against the beast you should run away. If you defeat the Great Beast it will drop Magicites and 6 Awakening Materials!

Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your party with the rewards that can only be obtained during this event.

Note: If you received the rewards from this event the previous time it was available you will unfortunately be unable to receive them again.

Event Period

  • Start: Friday 5/22 0:00 PST
  • End: Wednesday 5/31 23:59 PST

View Details About the The Crystal Tower Event Here!

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