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Event: March of Titan (Raid)

Raid Event: March of Titan (Final Fantasy XIV)

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Event March on Titan Banner
Eorzea, a land full of adventure. Many an explorer, each traversing their own path, have laid their marks on this land so teeming with life. Within this ream, however, exist feaful gods who feed up the very land itself. They are known as “Primals”.

Now, once more in the Dimensional Vortex, a “Primal” has appeared.

Titan, Lord of Crags. Though legend speaks of him as a gentle god, it is said that once he enters into battle, like a mountain he moves upon the land, shaking the very earth with his “Earthen Fury”.

Can Rain and his friends withstand the power of the tremendously power god…?

March of Titan is a raid event where he appears in the Dimensional Vortex and you engage him in battle. Damage Titan to receive event points and raid coins. As you earn individual event points you can receive rewards along with the ability to perform raid summons with the raid coins you collect. The raid summons allow you to summon specific FFXIV characters along with event specific materials to craft event specific equipment.

Event Specific Recipes

Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your party with the rewards that can only be obtained during this event.

Event Period

  • Start: Friday 6/2 1:00 PDT
  • End: Wednesday 6/16 0:59 PDT

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